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Auto Services from Muskogee, Oklahoma

Based in Muskogee, Oklahoma, 6 Shooter Auto Repair offers a wide range of auto services and products to meet your needs. If you're experiencing any issues with your vehicle, bring it into our auto shop today.


• Engines
• Transmission
• Brakes
• Custom Horn Installation
• Suspension
• Alignments
• Air Conditioning & Heating

Featured Products
We have a state-of-the-art, John Bean alignment machine.  We also sell a variety of tires. Dedicated to making vehicles last longer and perform better, each of BG's products is a result of decades of research and close interaction with automotive professionals. BG serves the driving public with innovative products and proven programs of automotive maintenance.

BG® Products

JASPER Engines and Transmissions®
When a "re-made in the U.S.A." engine or transmission is the right choice for you, we offer the best in quality and warranty to be found. JASPER's warranty is nationwide, so from Maine to California and Texas to Ohio, and everywhere in between, they will make sure you are covered.

Continental® Batteries
With their commitment to quality and service, Continental Batteries offer one-year, two-year, three-year, and four-year free replacement period batteries. Continental has been delivering quality products that are built to last since 1932.

Smart Start®
When good people make not so good choices, Smart Start is here for you. Our technicians are state-certified to install and service your court-mandated interlock device to help keep you on the road.

Computer Diagnostics
With so many of today's vehicles having more and more dependence on computers to tell them how to run, the right equipment is needed to diagnose those problems. We have invested a great amount of money into diagnostic equipment to handle just those types of situations.

Contact us today to request an estimate for any of the auto services or products we provide.

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